Jonathan London, Author of the Froggy Series

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I'm Jonathan London and I'm the author of over 100 picture books for children, many of them about wildlife. But I'm best known for another kind of wildlife: Froggy. There are at least 23 Froggy books, starting in 1992 with FROGGY GETS DRESSED. It is on the New York Public Library's 100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know list, dating back to The Tale of Peter Rabbit. My newest Froggy book is FROGGY GETS A DOGGY, due February 7, 2014.

Froggy is every kid. All the stories are based on true experiences I've had with my sons Aaron and Sean, and on some memories of my own growing up. I just exaggerate a little for humor. Kids who read the Froggy books will recognize a little of themselves, and be able to laugh at their own foibles.

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Jonathan London

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